Friday, September 3


A man needs polish. Though I cannot offhandedly say what type of polish one needs. Some need shoe polish, need car polish, some need hair polish. Since I started capturing some thoughts here on this blog, I discovered that I need mental polish. My writing is uncharacteristically choppy, awkward, and confusing.

I have never been Mr Eloquent. I did, however, have some polish. That is what I am looking to get - polish. Over the next few months I predict that the composition, flow, wording, content of this blog will completely change, though I imagine one could still recognize it as my writing.

Thinking about why my writing has deteriorated to the point of anemia, I discovered what I think is the source for this depravity. EMAIL. Not just any email. Work Email.

I don't know what causes it, I have seen it rarely, like in versions 7-8 but not consistently, and I can NEVER reproduce it.

What is your % work done?

Here you go


Those are just a few examples of eMails sent by me in the last few days. Short, to the point, but utterly without imagination, flow, or life.


Post Note: EMAIL email Email eMail how is it supposed to be spelled/represented?


Studies, statistics, and academic types all agree. 'They' (the indubitable phantom of persuasion) say that the chances of changing opinion after a first impression is made are very low. Not to say that it cannot be done. I am here to tell you of one of these scarce occurrences.

I am an avid reader. I read - a lot. I started really reading in the 7th grade. That is when I read my first whole book. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was that book. Well, that was the end of it. My imagination shall forever be tinted with the blood of dragons, elves, knights, and so on. Needless to say it was several years before I took a breath. I decided to step into another genre...and read Dune. Well, not as far away as I was attempting to get, but it was a step.

During this time, my opinions and thoughts about literature in general were formed. There were books, then there were BOOKS. I couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of stories about heroes, and wars, and saving the world. I tried to look about me and see what other people were reading. It is this time that I took my actual first look at Stephen King. I knew nothing but his name. It took my all of 5 seconds to become anti-King. Just a glance at the bookstore and I was set against him. There was a bigger Stephen King section than that devoted to my entire genre! I have always deep down resented (and admired) the McDonaldization of our society, and I thought King was the manifestation of that horrendous societal behemoth.

Ah to be young and idealistic.

Part 2 later….The Transformation

Thursday, September 2

Good Morning Vietnam

I wonder how someone can sit down and watch, really watch John Kerry speak for more than 10 minutes and not throw up in one's mouth. The man makes satire way too easy. If you take a random sample of 100 continuous words from a Kerry speech/interview/public record you can find another 100 words somewhere in the last 20 years stating the exact opposite.

I admit, politics anger me, liberals more than others, but the man is like a dead fish in the middle of the ocean, you cannot tell what shore he'll wash up on next week, and as soon as you throw him back out, he drifts somewhere else.

It must be hard being a politician. It would be extremely challenging to have an opinion on everything, from the speed limit on country roads in New Mexico, to the labor negotiations of the Longshoremen in San Fran. But come on...I own 12 SUVs...I do not own an SUV. I don't get it.

Just an aside here for a moment, I live in the ultra-liberal Puget Sound region of Washington State. This is the stomping grounds of Ralph Nader. I am not a Nader fan, but I have to feel sorry for the guy, I mean he is a 'Socialist' (Read:Communist) and he cannot get more than 1% of the vote. That is how drippingly liberal Kerry is.

Enough about that.

Wednesday, September 1

First Post

I decided that since this is the first time I have:

A. Had a Blog. And,
B. Decided to share my thoughts on the internet with others.

That I would do something special. I have been reading several 'blogs' over the last few years, and decided it really is not a bad gig. What other outlet can a person use to share thoughts, opinions, heck even rants and raves, for free, and get feedback?

So let's see what can happen.