Friday, December 12

Christmas Time

1) So many people get so excited about the holidays.
2) I have never been one of those people.

I understand the meaning behind the holidays. I get interested by historical facts surrounding them, but by and large I do not get filled up with these crazy sentimental feelings (not to say that sentimental feelings are crazy, it just seems like some people live for only Christmas) and I mostly feel like this is just part of winter. For the most part I think it is goofy that we pack so many of our holidays into a short period of time, I would much prefer to have them either spread out evenly, or to have them all bunched up in the summertime.

So all of the goes just to get me to this point; will having a child change my point of view? I am sure being a father will change many things. Call it a sneaking suspicion, but I think that holidays to come with be much more exciting and filled with more meaning once I have a little one running around.