Friday, December 8

Nine or Ten?

I wake up making choices about The Ten. What do I do? How long can I keep up my Ten for the day. There are some days that I have barely been awake for an hour when I must decide: 8 or 9?

Eight or nine? Have I already given that much up today?

Ten or bust!

I grow an unquenchable thirst for Ten. I need Ten in my life each day. Provide me Ten each day. At the end of each day give me back Six or Four, or whichever I shamed today.

Strive each day for the best, attain Ten today, Ten tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 5


Standing in line at the bank today, I heard a couple in front of me chatting away. The guy says something like "They say that...". As soon as someone launches into a diatribe by prefacing the story with They I give myself an open invitation to tune out. Then I take the invitation to change the mental dial.

They this, they that. Who exactly is this they anyway?

Have a random fact that you neither have a source for nor do you know how factual it really is? Attribute said ‘fact’ to THEY! So They exists to give dumb people an excuse to talk when the only thing they have to add is a strong desire to hear their own voice.

Get some smarts and look it up on your phone’s web browser first ( Google Mobile Search ). I can give you the sources to find your answers, and then not only are they FREE, but you look heady and smart by giving REAL information. I guarantee that the actual fact backing up what you think you know in your head is much more interesting than the rubbish you are about to say (they).

They say knowing is half the battle, so here comes the OTHER half of the argument:

It is not bad enough just to attribute crappy concepts to They but sometimes They have a difference of opinion; which leads me to believe that your They might be a different They than my They in which case They (all) can get a life.