Thursday, October 21

At least they are fair...

This is now my favorite instance of the PC (politically correct) world taking over.

PUYALLUP - A local school district is banning Halloween parties because children dressed up as witches might be offensive to real witches.

Ok, so doesn't Santa offend people trying to be real Santa's and elves offend the midgets? Does the Easter Bunny offend people with big ears and lots of hare? It seems to be technically feasible to find something wrong and get it banned.

Lets say that my wife was 'uncomfortable' with the way her fingernails looked, and it made her 'feel bad' to see women in public jobs (reporters, politicians, cheerleaders) to have perfectly groomed nails. Well, since these women are not accurately portraying the way my wife feels about her nails does she have an obligation to strike down the fake nails of America?

What lard.